Celsius Network (Herein, "CN") Timeline

CN's CFO arrested in Israel for Defrauding Investors & Money Laundering
CN reincorporates Parent Company in Delaware, USA from Israel, and opens HQ in Hoboken, NJ (highest tax state in the union)
CN Announces the Bifurcation of Celsius Account Type/TOSs into Earnings accounts (grandfathered all previous depositors) & Custody accounts (consider: Supreme Court CA ‘Twitter vs User’, '21, on change of TOS in the absnese of expressed customer acceptance - new application of law relative to TOS)
CN announces it is “pausing withdrawals,” while individuals take on “forced liquidations.” “Forced Liquidations,” is a term we use when CN depositors refused to inject additional capital into their leveraged accounts due to the clear financial uncertainty of the CN
“The $700M USD Maker Dao Loss Event” occurs <-- Requires Analysis by Blockchain Analysts
$CEL is up over 50% this week due to what’s looking like a short squeeze
Renowned Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs is looking to raise $2 billion to buy the assets from the CN platform
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) aggregator KeyFi files a lawsuit in the New York State Supreme Court, alleging Celsius engaged in market manipulation and failed to implement basic accounting controls to protect user deposits

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    Emergent Tech Partnership Proposal for USAID Pilot Program in Ukraine

    USAID – An Introduction
    Since 1961, The U.S. Agency for International Development has engaged in two primary types of activities: funding foreign disaster relief and economic development abroad.

    For example, South Korea was rebuilt (after the Korean War) using US taxpayer funds allocated to and tendered by USAID, to mostly US/S. Korea-based bidders who thereafter subcontracted out in South Korea. This effort resulted in South Korea become a thriving marketplace with close ties to the US (both culturally and diplomatically), which was a huge win for both countries.
    *More on the rebuilding of S. Korea (very pertinent) in upcoming announcements)

    USAID – The Problem
    Over time, USAID adopt the 1% of total US GDP standard to be allocated to these two groups of activities while USAID leadership has become increasingly demoralized regarding their efforts specifically in the following three (3) areas:

    1. The specific bidders of the tenders (tenders are a public request for bid from eligible suppliers) have become “like vultures.” That this NGOs’ efforts often prove relatively counter-productive, at times engage in activities that while legal are blatantly immoral, and that in pursuance of i.e., subcontracting, substantial portions of the awarded funds disappear are no longer accounted for and the quality standards of the goods distributed, and services rendered fall below that which would otherwise be deemed as acceptable if deployed in the i.e., US private sector.

    2. Regarding economic development, the fund allocation is intended to serve as an initial stimulus which would catalyze productive economic development such as the building of sound infrastructure and smart city centers. These activities predominantly apply to emerging markets as well as post war-torn areas. The idea behind sending specific goods and funding specific services to be rendered versus submitting a stream of unspecified loans, is to promote TRUE country stabilization while not robbing the country and its citizenry of its sovereignty and prospects. Other times, these funds help provide stabilization as well as strongly encourage the adoption of democratic processes and free markets, international trade at times set up in the form of bi/multilateral agreement with the US, and for the authorities of the recipient countries to ensure that a baseline level of fundamental human rights will be if not already codified into law.

    a. These well-intentioned temporary programs all too often become permanent programs resulting in the recipient nation becoming dependent upon external funding, large-scale corruption with authorities, contractors/subcontractors, and the absolute dissemination of whatever preexisting or budding private sector had resulted from the initial improvements in infrastructure, governance, and at times local financial low interest loans. This is an unintentional outcome of our intention to do good and is the reality we knowingly continue to participate in as until recently a viable and attractive solution has not been available.

    3. Shocking Fact: When considering both relief groups in the aggregate, roughly $0.25% per dollar sent is received by the intended recipient in the form of goods and services

    a. As such, if we assume an NGO-friendly markup of 15% and stick to round numbers:

    • This means that $0.40 of each dollar is received by the intended recipient in the form of goods and services, be it at the level of the institution, governmental body, or specific group intended to receive relief.
    • Furthermore, the “leakage” of funds in our experience occurs predominately on the recipient end… meaning local corruption is what is preventing optimal outcomes of USAID programs, wasting both US-tax payer dollars while allowing for corruption to replace the alleviation of meaningless suffering. This is not an acceptable state of affairs.

    USAID – The Solution via Emergent Tech

    1. CWF along with 2-3 partnering organizations will be combining our intellectual, human, and financial capital to design, develop, and prepare an MVP emergent tech stack so to submit a joint pilot proposal to USAID in early 2023.
    2. This tech stack will include the utilization of public / permissioned open ledger blockchain technology, a reliable US stablecoins, smart contracts, and various web3 tools. More on this in upcoming videos (Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for Weekly updates on all CWF’s causes).
    3. A subsequent comparative analysis of the efficacy of our pilot program vs those conducted in parallel via the traditional mechanisms will be conducted by a 3rd party with differing results presented to the public by us, our friends in the media, and hopefully to be added to the next quarterly USAID circular.
    4. Upon the adoption of our tech stack by USAID, we expect that following several refining iterations, a minimum 4-5x improvement in program efficacy for US foreign disaster relief and greater than an order of magnitude improvement in economic development short, mid, and long term outcomes.
    5. Thereafter, it is our hope that the utilization competing emergent tech stacks become the new standard USAID, gains mass adoption throughout the UN and participating AID countries and will one day be applied to all levels of government spend.


    The United States was once widely recognized as by far the most generous country in the world. This legacy is something to be proud of. Furthermore, it is Citizen Warrior Foundation’s position that US citizens have been led astray by fallen institutions towards nihilism and collective guilt and as such that they have forgotten or refuse to acknowledge the Good with which the United States has contributed to the world, however imperfectly. We seek to remedy this situation by engaging the public in the good we are doing and demonstrating that there remains select authoritative bodies who have remained high-integrity and who are eager to work with the people in furtherance of human flourishing.

    Know that CWF was initially conceived and designed so we could achieve the following:

    For US-tax-payer funds sent oversees to merge with the new features and capability of emergent tech to accomplish minimize the leakage of funds; to mitigate meaningless suffering; to strengthen our relationships abroad; and to engage the American people in the charity that without their ongoing GOOD WORK would not be possible.

    We kindly ask of you the following –

    • If you wish to live in a world driven by truth, transparency, trustworthy institutions, and the private sector enhancing the government TO DO GOOD in the interest of its citizenry, then please share this cause and consider becoming a volunteer.
    • If you have the means, please consider joining our private donor network.
    • If you wish to get involved, head over to our partnership page and apply today.

    If you are a 501(c)(4) who seeks nonpartisan improvements via cooperation with the US government to bolster our national security, increase transparent government cooperation with the private sector (US-based organizations), and desire to be a part of CWF’s pilot OUTCOME-driven program … then navigate to our Partnership or Donor Network Page today. It is by coming together in good faith and mutual sacrifice alone that we can fundamentally improve our world.

    If we continue to deliver consistent gains, attracting formidable, mission-driven groups with whom we share first principles and embrace a common values-based ethos, then with your support we can tackle the very core of corruption. Further, we can meaningfully address the root cause of meaningless suffering while ensuring the most cost-effective relief programs are in place with the alongside witnessing and engaging in the sublime satisfaction one has when they see firsthand precisely how their ongoing dedication to being a productive citizen and living lawfully results in alleviating the meaningless suffering of others.

    What’s more… this is only the beginning.

    With eagerness, unwavering devotion, and sincere gratitude to all who continue to support us…

    Thank you,

    Leader, Citizen Warrior Foundation


    I do hereby agree, consent to and grant to the Producer hereunder all rights related to the recording and broadcast or other distribution of reproduction(s) of my voice, photograph, likeness and performance as part of my participation as a guest on the audiovisual program entitled The CWF Podcast (the “Program”). I hereby acknowledge and agree:

    1. The host of The CWF Podcast is the sole owner of all rights in and to the Program, and the recording(s) thereof, together with any materials prepared for the Program (“Materials”) are “Work(s)-Made-For-Hire” within the meaning of the United States Copyright Act f(17 USC §101, et. seqor all purposes; and Producer has the unfettered right, among other things, to use, promote and distribute the Program one or more times in any and all media or formats and modes of transmission whatsoever, through-out the world, in perpetuity.
    2. I will receive no compensation for my appearances on and participation in the Program.
    3. I hereby waive the opportunity or right to inspect or approve the content of the Program.
    4. Nothing contained in this Podcast Guest Agreement and Release shall be construed to obligate Producer to use or exploit any of the rights granted or acquired herein, or to make, sell, license, distribute or otherwise use the Program or Materials whatsoever.
    5. My name and likeness may be used in advertising and promotional material for the Pro-gram, but not as an endorsement of any other product or service.
    6. I hereby release and discharge Producer, together with all of Producer’s principals, share-holders, officers, employees, agents, successors, heirs, assigns and affiliates from any and all liability arising out of or in connection with the making, producing, reproducing, processing, exhibiting, distributing, publishing, transmitting by any means or otherwise using the Program and Materials.
    7. I am eighteen years of age or older, that I am fully competent to execute this agreement, and that no other agreements currently exist which would prevent my transferring these right to you, or your successors and assigns. I acknowledge that you intend to rely on this release, and the grant of rights herein contained, and shall incur significant costs in production of the Program in reliance upon same. As a result, I agree not to institute any legal action to contest the rights conveyed to you herein.


    Electronic Signature
    By typing my full name above and submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the contents of this release and am executing same of my own free will.

    DRop your file

    We guarantee total anonymity.

    The US, NJ/NYC Web3 Co-Housing Initiative For American Citizens/Residents Effectively Bankrupt By The US-Based Celsius Network Digital Asset Lending/Custodial Platform & The Grave Injustice Occurring Under The Guise of Celsius’ Chapter 11 Proceedings.

    CWF is a 501(c)(3) (pending) private foundation (nonprofit) purposed to engage in a robust scope of exempt activities, predominately surrounding providing education, driving community organization / relationship building, and initiating the R&D of goods and services related to Web3 emergent technology. The purpose of which is to educate everyday people on the economic, cultural, and technological realities that lie ahead. More importantly, we are to illustrate and lead by example how private often overly opaque foundations OUGHT to operate when interacting within the public sphere… to add value to the local community versus draining it of its limited resources.

    We perceive true productive output in our markets-based system as the proliferation of specific types of innovation that accrues material wealth unto the innovator (thus, gaining earned sovereignty) while concurrently, by virtue of its deployment, may alleviate the meaningless suffering of others. In short, Web3 can in short time provide for secure, efficient, lawful gatekeeper-free rails for the transference of financial, intellectual, and human capital. Such rails unconstrained by a centralized authority who, for example, didn’t like that Tweet you made half-asleep back in ’04.

    In effect, with the proper education, a shared foundational value schema, and good faith efforts made in the spirt of cooperation, these Web3 tools have the potential to redistribute centralized power back to the people. This is how we will preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of purpose through value-added unimpeded responsible commerce.

    If designed and deployed properly, these tools will transform our world into a more just and beautiful place where the likelihood of transactional default approaches zero. Further, cross-border online communities will proliferate and in part serve as a mitigating force against inter/intra nation state conflict via the collective embrace of cooperative commerce. In short, the future may be very bright… or very dark. It all depends on us educating the public NOW and for the public to be awake enough to accept and value that education.

    You can learn more about Citizen Warrior Foundation here, become familiar with our worldview via our digital e-handbook here, and view all our open volunteer roles here.

    Our first approved program, #DepositorsFirst, was the initial impetus behind our 501(c)(3) application several months ago. The Program Overview can be viewed here. We realize that’s a lot of linkage, but background information is necessary so that you are fully aware of our founding purpose and can make an informed decision once we call you to action (and we will).

    And so it goes…

    **Message To Those Financially Destroyed By The Malevolence Of The Celsius Network**

    Do you, the $REKT, think you are going to get financial assistance to bridge you over until you can build another income-stream to cover your rent, your mortgage, feed your children, and cover your utility/transportation expenses? Spoiler: We did the research… and the answer, a resounding NO.

    We are here to say in no uncertain terms that NOW is the time for active and strategic measures to be lead and executed by the most capable amongst us. Those of us now through no fault of our own in a state of financial limbo while our stored industriousness increasingly slips away from us under the spectacle that is the Celsius Chapter 11 proceedings.

    This is to announce that CWF is recruiting the most talented Web3, Financial / DeFi, Legal, Digital marketing / SM Growth Hackers, On / Offline Community Organizers & Donor-Network Building Aficionados.

    CWF NEEDS YOU to see through that we as a nascent, yet determined and formidable private foundation have full legal protection and the necessary guidance as we catapult this terribly unjust event outside of the niche Cryptosphere directly into the mainstream public consciousness. We will do this through a variety of methods such as guerrilla marketing, forming alliances with other nonprofits (if this is you, head here to get in touch), and through hosting culturally relevant events… assuming such meaningful spectacles can be afforded.

    While CWF continues to make incremental headway, we felt compelled to become more dynamic in our actions until such time CWF receives its tax-exempt status. Without which, we simply don’t have the resources to pursue this time-sensitive matter both safely and lawfully. It takes capital to go through legal channels if the intent is to BOTH bring to light what is now only alleged criminal activity while concurrently mitigating the ST harm and the LT financial desperation of those victimized by the Celsius Network.

    As Such, We Submit For Your Kind Consideration The Following Proposal:

    CWF launches a distressed Community Co-housing Initiative to all those American citizens/residents who have been effectively $REKT by such lending/custodial platforms who are able and willing (or have no other option) to temporarily relocate to the NJ/NYC Metro area or to volunteer remotely (perhaps in multiple regions) in furtherance of the #DepositorsFirst Program.

    Further, for other highly competent Web3 experts to join this Co-housing initiative and group their intellectual and human capital together to design, develop, and deploy Web3 goods and services that would have served to mitigate the likelihood of this tragic event from having occurred in the first place. With this course of action, responsible temporary financial assistance towards those whose resources were effectively taken from them will give this mostly distressed at risk group a reasonable window whereby along with their equally talented Web3 cohorts they can leverage their collective capabilities and deploy value-added solutions into the Web3 market sector. Thus, their combined success along with their cooperative contribution to the #DepositorsFirst Program will have been made possible due to minimal community support.

    So… What’s In It For The Public?

    From a strictly amoral ROI standpoint, there is no better investment than the Celsius $REKT Co-housing Incubator initiative. Existing municipal grants exist and we as a foundation and this program qualify perhaps more than all other bidders (unknown as such bids/bidders don’t appear to have been made public… still investigating). For as little as $50k,10-20 Web 3 experts who currently are bordering on bankruptcy or worse, will be granted sufficient time and the proper conditions to re-EARN their financial sovereignty so that they may return home to safeguard their families and be productive members of their respective communities once again.

    To put this in perspective, 1% of US GDP is given out in the form of grants/bids around the world towards foreign disaster relief and economic development through various USAID programs. Wouldn’t it be just if 0.000022% (’21 USGDP, $50k Co-housing Relief Grant) of such funds were allocated towards domestic S/LT relief of financially distressed high productive US Citizens/Residents in their time of need?

    What’s the ROI? The return would be dynamic and include their charitable goodwill, their approved value-added goods and services within the Web3 marketplace, and of course, their future taxable income. It should go without saying that their tax dollars going to the state and federal government would surpass by orders of magnitude that initial minimal cost it took to enable them to do what they do best. To be clear: THEY GIVE TO, NOT TAKE FROM, their communities. We hope we made our point as to which type of people are now at risk. In short, community assets… individuals with which you ought feel compelled to support the receipt of temporary productive financial relief.

    But it should go without saying that we do not ACT based on amoral ROI alone. This is simply to say no other bidding foundation or recipient group at this moment is more deserving of this grant than CWF’s Co-housing Incubator Program & $REKT experts willing to put in the work.

    If we are rejected it will not be on the merits and we will deal with that rejection in proper measure.

    Further, if such rejection were to occur, we will ensure you are given a heavy dose of adult education as to the realities of victims of domestic financial injustice when our own community assets/taxpayers seek reasonable and pragmatic relief. Best to know that which is True now lest Truth bend you to its will when your cards are down.

    What Are Our Next Steps?

    • Step 1: Identify & Demonstrate the “Celsius $REKT Distressed Community”
      • Obtain 100 damage forms from those $REKT by Celsius. For these forms to be valid, we will need a snapshot of the account which includes the legal name of the user from within the Celsius app, while the user is HIGHLY encouraged to blocks out his/her account balance along with any other sensitive information he/she may not want to share.
      • Note: Your personal identity will not be publicly shared at any time unless you give expressed written permission to CWF to do so.
    • Step 2: Demonstrate Public Interest
      • With the 100 validated Damage Reports in Hand, we obtain 1000 signatures by appealing to the specific local community who intent to petition for housing. The success of which is adequate demonstration that the local community(s) supports the initiative and can engage with it in the spirit of cooperation and ongoing transparency.
    • Step 3: Seek Material Support ($50k Grant)
      • CWF, to the extent it is permitted by law, will submit the proposal complete with the signed petition directly to NJ/NYC local & state government, requesting sufficient assistance to this now well-defined and identified “distressed community” to include the receipt of temporary housing zoned for both residential and commercial purposes, or dual residential and commercial housing, for a period of 12mo with a sunset clause to repeat this local governmental-support on the merits of the outcome of program.
      • Further, CWF (or a partner thereof, if our exempt purposes does not allow for such activities), will seek out and bid on a suitable financial grant, or if one does not already exist, submit a grant proposal, one which will cover estimated expenses for baseline necessities such as food, utilities, transport costs, amongst other miscellaneous mission-critical items (software licensing, for example). EACH expense will be itemized, tracked, and published by CWF on regular basis along with performance KPIs each the #DepositorsFirst Program and the 2-3 Web3.0 startups.
    • Step 4: Eligibility for Co-housing
      • We need Web3/Web3-adjacent experts, $REKT or not by the Celsius event, but who wish to volunteer their expertise and or pursue an approved Web3 startup while cooperating with the volunteers.
      • Note: CWF will assume no right or ownership over the private approved Web3 projects. However, those producing for themselves must make themselves available as reasonably needed to assist the volunteers whose efforts are predominantly in the furtherance of the #DepositorsFirst Program.

    It is time we began to once again care for our neighbors, those we have been taught are different in kind and ought be “othered,” and for us no matter our ideological persuasion to take collective local action, however small, to conduct good deeds. It is in this regard CWF intends to lead by example, illustrating how private foundations, which are design more opaque than charities and for good reason, OUGHT act when interacting within the public sphere.

    It is our hope that this humble proposal is well received, that we receive these Harm Reports in short and that we can then petition our local community, get those signatures, and work our way up the food chain to make this proposal a reality before it is too late.


    Let’s Begin,

    Leader, Citizen Warrior Foundation

    Global Ambassadorship Program

    In the wake of the 2008 global financial crises and the recent COVID Pandemic and the global response casing and even more atrocious gap is wealth disparity within and between nation states, anyone of competent and sound mind speaking Truthfully ought to admit we live within a legacy supranational framework and that the geopolitics and soft diplomacy of decades past have in large part failed in increasing social cohesion across disparate peoples around in the world. Unfortunately, despite the miracle of human flourishing that came outside the legacy framework simply through free markets spreading where command economies once stood, during these same time Billions of individuals around the world were able to lift themselves out of poverty and their children able to obtain a competitive level of education.

    Today we have “Western Civilization,” with geographic territories including North America, Europe, Australia, & New Zealand, having undergone 3 generations of abundance and the United States the standing champion in report innovation and attracting director foreign investment. However, what you may not know is that over the last 50 or so years (some argue as far back as since the 1940s), the institutions that compose the Civilized portion of the West have in large part fallen, that is, vastly departed from their founding intent and many in fact now inverted in their purpose, stifling freedom instead of standing steadfast to preserve it.

    The resulting outcome is that the US, the intellectual and human capital magnet of the world, is undergoing a transition that is very harsh and whose suffering will echo worldwide. The individual no longer has the freedoms their parents once enjoyed, either explicitly or implicitly, the people live in fear or exhibit group think and engage in such ugliness as “call out” culture, the barrier to entry regarding entrepreneurship grows more challenging to overcome by the day, law fare and reputational destruction by proxy of Web2 Social media runs rampant, and the people’s understanding of the world is becoming narrower and more polarized due to the consolidation of all the Western Press into roughly 5 consortiums owned predominantly by 2, maybe 3 large asset management firms.

    In short, the people are divided and suspicious of one another and can’t afford the luxuries of their childhood nor escape the debt from their education. To be clear… the sensible highly industrious Americans, virtuous and charitable in deeds and compassionate in heart, are looking for an opt out mechanism without giving up on the sanctity of their native homeland. Each are looking in their own way for a viable way forward whereby he or she can pursue true self-actualization and gain earned sovereignty without the undue burdens levied against them in the home they hope perhaps one day their success and can one day bring some relief to.

    You have all been given 2 blessings today.

    1 – You have been born in the age of the rapid proliferation of emergent technologies. Our main interest at Citizen Warrior Foundations is in the decentralization of certain presently institutionalized, opaque, and highly corrupted systems, whose actions have and continue to lead to the meaningless suffering of the many. To put it another way, to target the most industrious to be made most vulnerable and dependent so that they will lose their earned sovereign and kneel to the dictates of the mob.

    2 – You have been born in an age of international struggle and yet have been given a sword unlike that humanity since the discovery of fire and the printing press… you have been given the opportunity to sharper your sword, learn to wield it, learn to march fearlessly into the battle that is daily life. You ought to hone these skills with locked arms along with those who share your first principles, those principles extracted from intuition, those that lay deep in your heart. You will have to learn to articulate them, and once articulated, you will come to know might and so be given a great power that you must treat with the greatest of care and maintain it sharp and keep it in its sheath. Furthermore, remain vigilant to protect the most vulnerable while fulfilling you’re the individual purpose that of the collective with which you decide to gain membership of the collective and your individual purpose insofar the two may differ (and they ought, but not be antithetical to the other).

    As Ambassadors of CWF, you will learn, embody, then teach these principles to those seeking purpose. One such example, and this will be the only explained, is the plurality of intent and to act meaningfully is in the fulfillment of the 5 concentric circles…. The self, the family, the community, the nation, and the world over successive generations. If such criteria are met, and the purpose, the aim, the target is True, Good, and Beautiful once the systems are in place and desired outcomes demonstrated… you have been reborn a Citizen Warrior who have done what others would not and so to become what others cannot.

    You will be strong. You will be a force of nature. You will be kind, humble, and you will be charitable.

    You will be the messenger to bring peace through strength, and strength tempered by compassion.

    Most importantly, you will become a beacon of light in your community, your nation, and the collective brightness will shine a light unto the darkest areas of the world and through your steadfast and unwavering attention to your good deeds your mere existence will have those who lurk in the dark crawl back under the rocks to which they belong.

    Thus, it is in this focus, to mitigate meaningless suffering through our exempt purposes, that we have established the Ambassadorship Program. CWF’s Global Ambassadorship Program seeks to assigning a representative for each OFAC-permitted nation state to answer to a regional representative, who in turn reports to CWF Management who act on behalf of the board to the betterment of all CWF stakeholders.

    Corruently, Norther America is plentiful in its access to resources yet is restricted n its ability to innovate given increased regulation, high taxation, and labor law (differing sometimes dramatically by state). In the Middle East, for example, there is a hunger for cooperation with US firms as both they have access know to those who best understand the game of capital deployment and the accrual of wealth via the purchase or building of equity.

    North Americans, conversely, are looking to overcome these various and at times prohibitive barriers to entry looking for intellectual capital and those with a more scarcity mindset, who understand hardship and are willing to work as if their life depending on it as, in some cases, it most certainly does. It is in this exchange where those living throughout areas less developed can collaborate with more developed areas in affair and just way that yields maximal prosperity to each party.

    Today, there is an open-minded brought on both by the passage of time and by necessity to find solutions abroad while solutions at home appear to slip away at an increasingly alarming rate. Thus… we are at a unique moment in history where we may as well as that we need each other equally to remain a free people, a good people, and flourish despite the circumstances of our localized environments.

    Things are changing rapidly, no alliances are forming, and new adversaries are publicly stating their intentions and are so effective in their actions that jump starting this cross-cultural program is both wise and necessary if we in the most prosperous nation in the world and those in nations who aspire to greatness have the ability and structure to come together, work together, cast aside petty differences, and embrace unifying first principals and their good deeds echo though their local communities thus making the so called “global souths and the nation states therein more formidable and less likely to be predated upon by the malicious acts of the few who effectively own the system and have the ability to end it to their will.

    Through digital marketing and growth hacking so and develop dopaminergic gamified educational materials to attract all walks of life to these miracles of innovation and instruments of freedom, engage in the most effective on/offline community organization (organized around cherished first principals), and to do so fueled and guided by the intellectual, spiritual, and financial capital of disparate nations around the world.

    As such, such institutions will preserve the good deeds of the communities who have built them and their good deeds echoes across their position in time and space no matter their station in life and persevere across successive generations and perhaps 10s of generations following sound balanced succession, so to ensure all our children and the future generations of our species live in an increasingly free and tolerant world, without sacrificing perhaps the 4th most important human virtue, one of the most importance virtues, the ability of exercise discernment and readily differentiate that which is bad from good, ugly from beautiful, false from true.

    Good luck, young ones. The journey ahead will be enormously challenging. You will suffer meaningfully, being pushed to your limits, and from that suffering learn how to lean into it with a smile and gratitude and make that which others fear most your guide towards self-mastery… shedding your deadwood and leaving behind the fear of the unknown and anxiety of tragedy and seemingly insurmountable difficult in its wake.

    You will struggle so that you will grow stronger. You may also ring the bell and leave anytime you wish. We offer you the chance of a lifetime to become that what you are able imbued with meaningful purpose and the wisdom of antiquity. Our gift to you is to be given the opportunity to one day lead your life by choice and not be subject to the ever-shifting whims of chance. We give you the opportunity to prove yourselves worthy of leadership and to pursue meaningful purpose in a way other institutions simply are unable or unwilling. You will come out of this program forged by the fires of your voluntary embrace of meaningful struggle and become the leader the people need.

    It is only then you will be afforded the honor of becoming an Ambassador of Citizen Warrior Foundation. If this is your wish, you will select the top 3 volunteer roles you believe you will excel in the greatest and advise you would like to enter this track… which will play out in parallel to the efforts of your cohorts while not separating you from them. For they are to be your brothers and sisters in battle and your role(s) is to be your trial, your rite of passage, to see if you are capable of exhibiting greatness. Few are and so we suggest that you choose wisely.

    Let’s Begin,

    Leader, Citizen Warrior Foundation

    Global Celsius Depositors' First

    1. We will use our platforms (and those of our generous affiliates) to onboard volunteers and educate the public about the following:
      1. The widespread harm caused by Celsius’ deposit withdrawal restrictions;
      2. Their forced liquidations (now suspended); and, their subsequent Chapter 11 filings.
    1. We will seek to utilize media networks and coordinate with our affiliates to educate the public about the present and unfolding economic injustices caused by Celsius’.
      1. Our objective is for the Celsius Network’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings to undergo public mainstream scrutiny.
      2. Our desire is for the public mainstream to realize that those few key individuals who may be unwilling to accept a just valuation or terms of a “bailout” are driven by self-interest (speculation, we need more data on their internal financials and shareholder governance); and are willfully (with utter disregard) laying waste to multitudes of innocent people.
      3. Our hope is that the more this grave economic injustice registers (within the public consciousness), the better the final terms of negotiation with the Celsius ownership and its new investors will be (i.e., for the depositors’ benefit).
      4. Our plan is via our affiliates, donors, and YOUR help, to bring together a result that principally benefits the Depositors: as compared to the present shareholders, who bear responsibility for the tragedy that their platform brought upon its community.
    1. We will undergo specific legal processes to obtain the necessary data to perform an independent $USD valuation of the Celsius Network.
      1. Our objective is that this valuation is proposed and negotiated between our Legal Counsel, the Celsius Shareholders, the State of New Jersey, and that such proposals are public, and negotiations therein are as transparent as possible and maximally amplified to the public (well-outside the “Cryptosphere.”)
      2. Our desire is for this valuation and its associated terms to henceforth require transparent public oversight, which will include mandatory quarterly reporting to an independent oversight committee (e.g., our risk management committee; or, if the depositors will it, another risk management firm).
      3. Our hope is for this plan to become the basis through which outside investors are attracted (e.g., by proxy via our various affiliates and our own networking efforts).
    1. We will concurrently continue to collect quantitative and qualitative data from those harmed by the events surrounding the Celsius Network’s treatment of its 1.7 million depositors.
      1. Our plan is that as we gather this data, we will report it to our various stakeholders. The information provided will be de-coupled from the submitter’s name, unless he or she agrees to provide a personal testimonial, which are very helpful in amplifying our message, or agrees to guest appear on Warriorcast (our podcast), which would be powerful. Such data, as agreed between the Parties, will be offered for dissemination to the Press on strict terms that we will provide both the submitter and the Media prior to submission. We keep your info safe and secure and the Media beholden to Truthful reporting… that is the gameplan.
      2. Our desire is that inclusion of the Press presumes that they will act with reciprocity: e.g., releasing our canned interview; airing it; and duly reporting our relief effort.
      3. Since we refuse to rely upon those who seek to control us, we will direct and predominately focus our message using New Media platforms.
        • Our objective is for our educational message to draw more public awareness; and, subsequently, attract more venture capital to aid in the capital infusion / corporate reformation and or full buyout under new ownership and likely under a new brand name.
        • Our desire is to realize an immediate intervention and settle negotiations; as well as a just resolution to this very harmful event, which would only inflict more suffering, if left alone for the system to eventually “resolve.”
    1. To be effective we must be formidable and thus we intend to expand our infrastructure, our staff, and our influence once our initial fundraising goal is achieved (though YOUR help).
      1. Our desire is to begin the process of working alongside our affiliated nonprofits to provide short term relief to the most distressed families and individuals during this awareness/education campaign and negotiation/legal process.
      2. Our plan is to implement ongoing reasonable relief efforts until a settled negotiated resolution is in effect.
    1. You may ask – Why not simply release all deposits to Celsius users once a new round of investors provides a capital injection to bring Celsius Network back to financial good standing?
      1. The terms of the agreement will necessitate a scheduled release of deposits over a period of time; and will not permit a bank run, which would result in the undo destruction of venture capital provided by new investors.
      2. Our aim is for the terms of the agreement to be reasonable.
        • Since this “bailout” is to be driven by venture-capital, you will likely be required (assuming the law allows for such a thing, TBD, and if it did) to forfeit certain rights to pursue legal action against the new owners.
        • Since these new owners seek to be transparent as well as responsible, they willingly accepted being subject to independent financial oversight.
      3. Our desire is for the agreement to provide you the depositor with a greater sense of financial certainty; as well as, regaining access to your deposits. However, this process has costs you will incur: thus, and, it is needful for you to adjust yourself accordingly.
      4. While we refuse to give false promises, we do commit to the following:
        • We will act (to the best of our ability) to ensure your just representation.
        • We will seek a path of resolution that affords you a high likelihood of recovering the majority of your deposits.
    1. You may then ask… Why not just sue the Celsius Network: after we succeed together in having your deposits remain YOUR deposits?
      1. The terms of the agreement will either seek to constrain or prohibit this action.
      2. Since the Celsius Network is currently undergoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, any distribution of assets is already under judicial preview. Furthermore, a class action lawsuit:
        • Would likely take MANY years to resolve; and, with the passing of time, the likelihood of receipt of your deposits (in part… certainly not in full, how much is the question), will become decreasingly likely.
        • Same holds true for normal bankruptcy proceedings, whereas a company like i.e., Ripple can buy up the distressed assets and then, well… who knows. Therefore, there ought be a sense of urgency about an immediate resolution by the Celsius community (we’re waiting for leadership to reach out… crickets).
        • Such an action would do nothing to alleviate or remedy the present distress, suffering, and misery, which hundreds-of-thousands are dealing with, nor will it result in a more advantageous resolve than would immediate collective action in the here-and-now.
      3. Our desire is for Economic Justice, which is driven by the following:
        • Our sense of civic duty.
        • Our moral compass, which requires that we seek to do Good and alleviate suffering (whenever possible).
      4. Our plan necessitates a cooperative and collaborative endeavor wherein we seek a just resolution between all the Parties involved.
    1. Please, NAVIGATE our site … IF you concur with either of the following:
      1. If you accept this as a reasonable, just, and viable way forward and thus seek an optimum outcome (given the misfortunate we have all suffered), we invite you to donate to our effort, volunteer your time, or for you to do both.
      2. If you represent a like-minded organization and desire to pursue this endeavor with us in one form or another (i.e., to take meaningful action).
      3. If you are someone of high means, to contact us to become a part of our donor network and enable these proceedings to occur immediately without us needing to request monies from those already suffering from the economic injustice that has caused such large-scale financial uncertainty.
    2. We do sincerely appreciate the courtesy of your consideration. #1Love

    Let’s Begin,

    Leader, Citizen Warrior Foundation