Dearest Prospective Donors. Welcome.

We come together today for a plurality of reasons, amongst these is to safeguard innovation and investment in emergent tech by assuming the function of regulation vs. that of authoritative fiat and by ensuring the expedition of consumer adoption through a smart education initiative.

In 2023, upon receipt of our exemption and along with our various partners, we will introduce a series of opt-in standardization protocols, with a bi-annual auditing schema (akin to ISO and industry-specific QMSs). In addition, we will begin to trial several pilots into various CeFi platforms of several different varieties of company opt-in consumer protection protocols in an effort to mitigate ris to depositors and reinstate faith in CeFi and “Crypto” more broadly.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly to many of you, we will serve as an instrument to stand against that which you cannot for justifiable reason our pursuit of the unadulterated TRUTH across a variety of meaningful and currently opaque domains of influence. With your support, we will be fortified against lawfare and the risk “getting cancelled” while we pay no heed to the risk of reputational destruction. The latter is low-minded worry that comes with those who practice good deeds and so this ought only be feared by the ill-prepared and families of dynastic obligations. With that said, as a prerequisite to right action we need fortification and infrastructure for the latter to hold true and to that end we depend on YOUR support.

We have A LOT of work to do, ladies and gentlemen, and so the time is now to reach out and schedule an appointment today. It is time to deploy your capital in a safe, creative, and impactful way and in doing so, you will gain access to our private donor network, where you will find yourself, perhaps surprisingly, alongside your neighbor and in pleasant company.

CWF gives you the opportunity to no longer face risking your reputation (or that of your family’s good name and good deeds) for YOU to pursue that which is right. Join our Donor Network and we will see to it that emergent tech is protected from stifling innovation best we can and that the “crypto-sphere” becomes a place of high integrity lead by good faith individuals.

Let us not wait a moment further.

-Mike Benzaken
Leader, CWF